I Resolve to Improve My Future: My 10 Goals for 2013

A lot of people have been posting their accomplishments and life changes from last year on Facebook. Some of my friends have had a very impressive year; one to be congratulated on (congratulations). While I’ve had some nice turns of fortune, overall 2012 has not been the greatest year ever. It was more like the year that the lackluster eventuality of “settling” really took hold in me. That’s scary, and I have a lot of work to do in 2013 to get out of this slump. A lot of people think resolutions are crap because most are given up on after January. For me, just sticking with resolutions in the first place and actually finishing them will be a resolution all on its own.

The worst thing in life is growing up to become the person you always dreaded. For me, it’s someone who is scared to take risks; who settles for mediocrity because deep down you’re nervous of what succeeding will actually take out of you…or the pain of failure. It’s the person who becomes boring, and the person who no longer has anything to offer. This year I found myself slowly becoming that person. I have big dreams and hopes, and I can tell you that none of them will become a reality if I keep drinking a bottle of wine every night watching Netflix in my dirty sweats.

I told myself after graduation and the stress of senior year (and the few months following) that it would be ok to just live in the moment and float for a bit. It’s been nearly three years since graduation, and I’m an adult now. Time to shower more than twice a week.*

To help, I will be listing my resolutions below. Every week of the new year I will post a Resolution Recap to discuss how I worked toward accomplishing every item on my list that week. I’ll try to make them as interesting as possible, but you might find these posts a little bland. Sorry. I gotta do it.

Without further diversion, my resolutions:

1) Exercise at least 4 days a week. Any small amount counts. Because of my new sedentary lifestyle, and my emerging habit of drinking and eating a lot to make me feel better, I have  gained about 25lbs in the past year. I’m in no means unhealthy (yet) because I was under weight to begin with, but I can see a trend emerging. It needs to stop. My joints hurt. My skin is bad. My mood is down. My clothes don’t fit and it’s expensive to buy new ones. Bad news, people.

Finally gonna crack this baby open!

Finally gonna crack this baby open!

2) Cook one new dish every week. I love cooking and trying new foods. I think it’s important to be knowledgeable about what you eat and what kind of deliciousness is out there. I am a huge fan of food and eating, and this way I can indulge a little while educating myself and watching what I eat.

3) Read at least 15 books. This sounds like a really low goal, but I read very slowly. It’s not that I’m an idiot or have dyslexia or anything, I just take a moment after every page or sometimes paragraph to let it sink in. Sometimes my mind starts making connections to other topics, and I have an internal discussion about the subject. I really want to read more because I love it, it helps my writing, and I have an entire room in my apartment full of books I keep buying but never get around to reading. That needs to be changed.

90% of my books in my apartment are unread

90% of my books in my apartment are unread

4) Take care of my self. I haven’t been to a general practitioner since I was 17, and I haven’t been to an eye doctor in almost three years. I need to do these things at least once in 2013. I need new glasses, and I have no idea if I have some latent disease lurking in my system. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen a dentist in a while either. Ugh.

5) Write a blog post every week! Not including Resolution Recap ;)

Picture 1


6) Write at least three pages of a script every night. Every. Night. No. Excuses. I want to complete a well rounded portfolio and submit to at least three reputable contests/fellowships. I’m not expecting to win anything or even be recognized this year, but at least I’ll finally have a portfolio that I will be perfecting. This is a big one, guys.

7) Get out of the house! We’re a bit isolated now. We’re at least an hour away from any friends (in any direction), and we don’t know of much going on in our area. I think it’d be best for my sanity if I left the apartment and spent at least one night a week out on the “town”.

8) Mark and I are working on webseries that I can’t wait to show you all…but it’s been hard to get the ball rolling. A Lovers’ Quarrel in the Style Of… has been in the works for about a year now. I have a few scripts written, we have ideas floating around, and we even tried to start production a couple times. It hasn’t gone anywhere, but this year I vow you will see it.

9) Take one “exotic” vacation. This will be up to some interpretation, seeing as I’m not rolling in cash at the moment. It has to be a trip completely about the experience. No, weekend trips to visit old friends don’t count! I’m thinking maybe a visit down south…or if I’m really lucky, Hawaii!

10) Save money. I have a nasty habit of binge spending. It’s very much tied to my emotions. If I’m feeling stressed, sad, restless, or even really happy, I go out and spend. It makes me feel amazing. But I can’t do that anymore, and instead I will put away $50 a week. And that pesky credit card of mine? Yeah, that thing is getting locked up.

Ok, guys. There they are. It’s a lot to tackle, but most of it is just living responsibly and being an adult. I hope everyone else has a nice set of goals, or just one big one, that they get to tackle this year. It’s important to keep pushing ourselves and demand the best. We are our primary care-giver, and we have all the power in the world to make ourselves and the people around us happy. Happy New Year, and good luck!

*I’ve actually heard that it’s healthier for you to shower less, so maybe I’m ok there.

One thought on “I Resolve to Improve My Future: My 10 Goals for 2013

  1. Michael says:

    My wife says she has “booklust.” She loves owning books, and the idea of having read them, but she never commits the time to actually read them. Hope you can keep your resolutions :-)

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