New York Comic Con!

nycc-logo-2013-hiThis past weekend we ventured down to the city to attend NYCC for the second time. Last year was our first time at Comic Con. Actually, it was the first time we’d attended a conference of that magnitude ever. Needless to say, lessons were learned, and this year we were prepared!

Armed with proper footwear, layered clothing, and our own bottled water, Mark and I drove into Brooklyn on Thursday to crash with my sister who recently moved into a great apartment in Bushwick. The next morning was game time.

Right off the bat we noticed that the crowd on Friday was much larger than last year. Previously, we had no issue lazily walking along moderately crowded hallways and slipping into panels at the last minute. We saw the harsh light of reality when we arrive for the Geek and Sundry panel featuring Felicia Day 15 minutes early, only to have staff inform us the room was at capacity. We instantly changed our game plan and resigned ourselves to hours of waiting for panels and tough sacrifices. It was sad to have to miss out on the Teen Wolf panel, but worth it for the amazing panels on Mob City and Pete Holmes panels that I got to see instead.

photo (18)Below is a list of what I was personally was able to attend. For more in depth reviews and details on some of the sneak-peaks and screenings, head over to my TV review blog Pillow Talk TV for reviews and full coverage coming all week! (I’d write it faster, but I’m only one woman with a lot of errands and chores to run.)


  • Comic Book Men Q&A: We managed to get into the main hall for this one, and it was delightful. Kevin Smith and the entire cast of the show answered all manner of questions, including which lady superhero they would be.
  • Welcome to Night Vale: The Art of Weird Podcasting: Ben Blacker from the Nerdist Writers Panel moderated a panel on the popular new podcast with creators Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor, and actors Cecil Baldwin and Mara Wilson.
  • How to Make Friends and Influence People: Talent & Production Company Relationships in the New Media Landscape: This was one of the most disappointing panels we’ve ever attended, and I even accidentally sat in on a panel with four Japanese men speaking all in Japanese for an hour. This was worse! The only person with even remotely interesting things to say was  Mike Rowe. And for a panel that was supposed to focus on new media, the best advice given was that new media was awful and none of them used it. It was terrible. We left early.
  • Ranma 1/2 Panel: This was something I sat in on to get a good seat for the panel after, and it really surprised me! I’m not a manga reader or fan of anime, but getting to see sneak peaks of the remastered Ranma 1/2 mangas and anime Blurays was really exciting, even for someone as ignorant on the subject as me. I’m a little inspired to take a look at the manga now. I hear Rumiko Takahashi is a manga legend, so anything created by her is the best way to ease into that world. I also got this adorable poster, and a month Neon Alley free. I’m tempted to give that away if anyone is (19)
  • Starz Network Presents: Black Sails, Da Vinci’s Demons, and Outlander: This was what I was most excited for on Friday, and it definitely lived up to my expectations. We were treated to sneak peaks for the two new shows, as well as for season two of Da Vinci’s Demons. All three shows had wonderful Q&A sessions afterward. Black Sails and Da Vinci’s Demons had most of their main cast members and their creators (Jonathan Steinberg and David S. Goyer respectively) , and Outlander had creator Ronald D. Moore and author Diane Gabaldon. Very exciting.

Saturday: Saturday was frustrating at first. It was insanely packed in the Javits Center. I really wanted to get into the main stage for the Teen Wolf panel and screening of the CW’s Reign pilot, but anyone who’s ever been to Comic Con can guess how that went. I gave up and enjoyed my day even more because of it.

  • Tommy Dreamer Signing: We waited for an hour for the legendary ECW wrestler to arrive for his autograph session, but he never showed. He tweeted later that a personal issue prevented him from going to NYCC, but we were still annoyed.
  • Wikia [LIVE] Presents: The Masters of Animanga: This was the panel that had four Japanese dudes speaking through translators the entire time. It was about a collaborative manga project Wikia had put together where fans write the stories and these legendary manga artists illustrated the characters. It was slightly funny, but it exhausted me. I learned nothing.
  • Mob City: I suffered through the above for this panel. We were treated to the first 18 minutes of TNT’s new television event. Afterward, we were treated to the faced of Ed Burns, Milo Ventimiglia, and Robert Knepper. The show revolves around Bugsy Siegel and his gang of mobsters in LA in the 1940s. Looks damn good.
  • The Pete Holmes Show: Talk about a hilarious man. I’ve been a fan of Pete Holmes for a few years and love his podcast, You Made It Weird. He’s now getting a well deserved late night show on TBS following Conan, and it definitely looks amazing. Also, we got these gifties!
    T-shirts and hilarious night-lights!

    T-shirts and hilarious night-lights!




  • FUTURESCAPE with James Woods: This was another panel I attended mostly out of preparation for the one that followed, but it blew my damn mind. Futurescape is a new show coming out on the Science Chanel featuring James Woods as host. It highlights the “what ifs” of science and technology, talks about how probable those theories are, and analyses the ethics and unintended consequences that could come from them. It was fascinating.
  • NBC’s Dracula Screening: This was the world premiere of the pilot for NBC’s new drama, airing later this month. I’m a huge fan of the Bram Stoker novel, and have been excited for this show since the spring. Unfortunately, it didn’t live up to my expectations. One plus was that they handed out copies of the novel with Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ face on it. I already have a copy, but I’d never say no to this beauty:
Spooky, yes?

Spooky, yes?

Sunday: Today was the day I braved the main stage. I sat in that room for six hours, and tolerated a horrible panel on Dr. Who audio plays instead of trying to get into the Sleepy Hollow panel next door because I was scared of losing my spot. These are the sacrifices you must make, my children.

  • Defiance: I love Defiance. When people said it was awful, I championed it like a boss, and my loyalty was repaid as the show got better and better. Being able to see a sneak peak of season two and get a glimpse at the beautiful cast was a huge treat for me. Furthermore, they’re all delightful people who love each other and their jobs!
  • The League: We were treated to a full screening of episode 8 of this season, Flowers for Taco, as well as a hilarious Q&A with the cast and creators. There were many butthole jokes, and we got this hat!

    The thug came with it.

    The thug came with it.

  • Chozen: The new animated series from the creators of East Bound and Down and Archer will be premiering on FXX in January, but I got to see the pilot on Sunday. It stars Bobby Moynihan and Method Man, and it’s pretty damn funny. The Q&A was also a delight, but full of those awkward fans asking people to do weird things. Bobby and Method did freestyle a bit with creator Grant Dekernion, and that was pure gold.
  • Dr. Who: Big Finish Audio Dramas and More: I’m a fan of Dr. Who and all, but I did not care about this. Hilariously enough, this was the panel people freaked out over the most. It was crazy. The Q&A was very delightful, however, as Colin Baker (the 6th Doctor) was actually there, as well as Nicholas Briggs, who voices the Daleks in the TV show.
  • The X-Files: This was my penultimate. One of the first things I tell people when they meeting me is, “Hi, I’m Jocelyn, I’m a massive fucking X-Files fan.” This was pretty much just David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson shooting the shit on stage and being amazing. Not too many secrets were revealed in that panel, but you’ll have to keep an eye out on Pillow Talk TV for my recap to see what went down. A cute (yet predictable) moment came when some guy proposed to his girlfriend during the Q&A session. She was sitting right behind me, so I’m definitely in the background of everyone’s pictures looking exhausted as he’s kneeling and she’s bawling her eyes out. I will say, however, that would make my Top 5 Ways of Getting Proposed To list.

Mark and I split up for a few things. He got to see some cool stuff, like a panel on beer and comics and screenings and Q&A session with Neil Degrasse Tyson on the new Cosmos special. Sometimes I wish mind melding was a real thing.

This crowd. Ugh.

This crowd. Ugh.

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