Pinterest and Writing

pinterest-pinboard-600I had a crazy idea today, and I’m hoping I struck genius gold. I’m not sure how genius gold differs from real gold or just plain genius…I don’t know, I’m recovering from an illness so my mind isn’t quite right. Just go with it.

Maybe I’m not the first to come up with this particular idea, but I’ll certainly take credit for it!Β It’s very common for writers to create playlists to help us get in the right head-space to work on a particular project. I love the process of creating specific playlists. It’s another way for me to learn more about my setting and characters. Which song most accurately depicts the ora of this town? What song would she listen to after her heart’s been broken? What song would be laid behind this scene in a movie? Making the playlist that guides me through each story is almost better than writing the story itself. But what about those of us who are also greatly affected by visuals? Shouldn’t we have a sort of visual playlist to get us in the mood as well?

Enter Pinterest! I just started using Pinterest a few months ago. I boycotted it for a long time because I thought only desperate housewives and boring girls who only thought about weddings all day used it. But then I realized how helpful it is for storing ideas and discovering fun recipes! It also caters to my OCD organizational habits quite nicely. I have a board for my dream house, a board for recipes, a board for desserts, and board for style, a board for books, a board for films, but NOT a board for weddings! I refuse. But I’ll admit it’s hard to resist. Those pins are just so damn pretty!

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 5.59.06 PM

A peak at my first attempt at this genius gold idea

I thought that a nice way to curate a visual space that inspires and helps you to focus on a current project would be to create a board for it on Pinterest. You can really build a world this way — add settings for each scene, color pallets for tone, quotes, styles that your characters would wear, other novels or films that inspire you, celebrities to play your characters, and other random bits and pieces that bring your mind right to where it needs to be in order to get some good work done. It’s a scrapbook or dream board all for your project. And like with creating a playlist, creating a Pinterest board for your new project will help you learn more about your characters, settings, and plot. And if you’re one of those paranoid types or you acquire any level of fame, you can always make your brainstorming boards private so fans can’t hover over your process.

I’m really excited about this glimmer of genius gold, and I’ve already started a board for a new script I’ve been thinking about writing next month for Camp NaNo. Click here to check it out. See if you can guess what it’s about! For more clues, enjoy my playlist (I just like sharing good music):

2 thoughts on “Pinterest and Writing

  1. isasterling says:

    I love pinterest for brainstorming! I keep a separate board for each book, plus a catch all board titled “writing inspiration.” You can definitely lose hours in a blink of an eye on there though.

    I’m doing Camp NaNo, too! Since I’m still revising, I’m just aiming to get the first 30K words so I still have time to finish up my revision.

    • jcodner says:

      I had a feeling I wasn’t the only one to start using Pinterest this way lol I’m loving it! And it definitely sucked me in for an hour or two yesterday while planning this new project.

      I’m really excited for Camp, and I was planning on writing a script this time, but the more I think of this idea the more I want to try it as a novel… decisions decisions :/

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