Geek Girl Brunch: Pittsburgh

ggb_brunchette_badgeI don’t plan on posting about this regularly because I’ll be updating the group blog and group specific social media, but I’ve recently become an officer of the Pittsburgh chapter of Geek Girl Brunch. GGB is a volunteer organization that “hopes to create a safe environment where identifying geek girls can be themselves to give voice, network, create friendships, inspire each other and hang out!”

The main point is to promote friendship amongst like-minded women. Those who identify as non-binary and gender fluid are also welcome, as long as their cool with taking on the geeky girl identity. GGB also challenges its brunchettes to do better (#GGBDoBetter). Go out in your community and make a difference, volunteer, help others, start something, make the world better.

GGB was started in New York City by a group of women who loved brunch and love to geek out over geeky things. It look off like crazy and there are now chapters in main cities all across the country and internationally. I stumbled upon the organization by accident after a Vaginal Fantasy Book Club Google Hangout and absolutely loved the idea of it. I was excited to see if Pittsburgh had a chapter, since it’s a larger city and generally has most things I assumed they were already up and running in the Burgh. Turns out they weren’t. They needed one more volunteer officer to launch the chapter. So even though I’m about to enter a full time graduate program and will be working a couple of jobs at the same time, I decided to volunteer. Why not? I wish we had one, so why not be the one to bring it to others who wish we have it.

What we do is plan a brunch event, usually once a month, with a fun geeky theme and invite our chapter members. It’s 18 and up, and there is definitely drinking at the brunches. We’re also encouraged to put together swag bags of free goodies from vendors or crafts that we make, and to go out on post-brunch outtings to like museums or the movies or shopping. We’re also encouraged to plan outside-of-brunch activities like movie nights, crafting parties, picnics, or attending local events together.

Pittsburgh Chapter Logo

Pittsburgh Chapter Logo

I’m so excited to do this. It’s a chance to meet amazing women in my new city, make friends, do some good, and promote an organization that has a great passion of inclusion and acceptance. Our first brunch is planned for October and will be a Villains theme. My fellow officer has been reaching out to local shops and artists asking for donations to our swag bags and we’ve already gotten a pretty great response. Our social media is up and running and has a steadily growing following. It’s going to be awesome!

If you’re interested in GGB, you should definitely check it out. If your area doesn’t have one, you should start it! You don’t even have to be that geeky. If you are really into something, anything (unless it’s offensive), you will belong. Half of the point of the group, in my opinion, is to be exposed to new things. Broaden those horizons!

You can follow the Pittsburgh chapter on Twitter (@ggb_pgh), Instagram (@ggb_pgh), and Facebook.

3 thoughts on “Geek Girl Brunch: Pittsburgh

    • jcodner says:

      Woohoo! Of course! Go ahead and sign up to be a Brunchette at (be sure to specify Pittsburgh as your chapter), that way you’ll get on our mailing list, and then if you want to actually be an officer you can email us at ggbpgh at gmail dot com and let us know your interest and then we can get you in touch with HQ and they’ll get you set up! We have three officers now, including myself, and we can have up to five, so if you’re interested we’d love to have you :) If you don’t necessarily want to be an officer you can always be a Brunchette and volunteer to help out with panning and organizing.

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