Committing To My TBR in 2020

The new year brings with it lofty declarations about reading habits. And without fail, every year, I break those resolutions. In 2015 I was going to read all the books I never read in high school. In 2018 I was riding high on the #NoNewBooks2018 book buying ban vibes. In 2019 I was going to throw out my scheduled reading and stop joining book clubs. LAUGHABLE. I sabotage myself best when it’s concerning books.


A chunk of my scheduled TBR for 2020

But friends, something must be done. I buy books at an alarming rate, and I check them out from the library even faster. I have over 650 books in my small apartment and usually have over 40 books checked out at a time (sometimes closer to 100). I joined NetGalley in 2019 and have been gobbling up ARCs, but my eyes are bigger than my stomach. I don’t read that fast! I only read about 80 books a year if I’m on my shit. And there are some really amazing books I want to read in my own personal collection.

So here we are. Another year, another lofty book declaration. Let’s see if I can hold myself to it.

  1. I will stop requesting ARCs, which means you guys won’t get any pre-release reviews from me soon. It’ll be all backlist. Sorry. I’ll finish the ARCs I already have (which is a lot, tbh), but then I’m done.
  2. I’ll resist keeping up with publishing. Yes, buzzy new books are hard to resist, especially with Bookstagram in my face all day. But all the buzzy new books I bought over the past three years are still sitting in my apartment unread and no longer new.
  3. With number 2 comes this…I’m going to have to resist Instagram and my other book-discovery methods. I don’t want to eliminate them entirely (I am a librarian, after all), but they present too much of a temptation.
  4. I’m not going to set a real Goodreads goal this year. I’m going to continue keeping a detailed spreadsheet of my reading (Bookriot has an amazing one), but I’m thinking that if I take a break from Goodreads it might help me to read more freely. That’s the ultimate goal here!
  5. I want to read the physical, digital, and audiobooks I own. I realize I can’t make this super rigid, because I do enjoy book clubs and buddy reads, but let’s say 75% of the books I read in 2020 should be books I own.
  6. I need to try to stop buying so many books. In 2019 I bought about 85 books. I would like that number to be more around 24 in 2020. To help me succeed in this goal, I’ve decided to cancel all my book box subscriptions which sucks, but that just has to happen.

IMG_20200111_150058So, to sum up, in 2020 I want 75% of the books I read to be books I already own, and I would like to limit by books buying to 24ish new books. I will still be posting bookish reviews and thoughts here and on Instagram, but my Insta usage will hopefully go down.

To help me with my goal of chipping away at my physical tbr (aka all the books in my apartment), I’m going to take part in the If You’ve Got It, Read It challenge hosted by the ladies at Spine Breakers on YouTube! I’ll be tagging my Insta posts that are relevant to this challenge with their tag #IYGIRI2020. You can watch Sue and Meg’s video outlining the challenge here. It’s all about reading physical books you already own. Thank you, Spine Breakers, for helping all us book obsessed folks face facts and focus on the books we already own.

Ugh, let’s see how this goes. Good luck to you all in your reading and bookish resolutions!

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