About This Blog

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It me.

Hi friends and fellow book lovers! I’m Jocelyn, a Pittsburgh-based librarian with a lot of things to say about books, librarianship, and life. I’m very solidly an Aries, and as I once read in a hilarious astrology column, Aries are inherently belligerent. You’ve been warned.

This blog has been so many things over many years, and some remnants of those past lives still exist as posts and pages. I’ve had this blog for a decade, and it’s changed as much as I have over that time. A note about the title of this website…it’s been Jocelyn Is Wrong for all these years. I named it that as a frustrated reaction to my relationship with the world in my early 20s. Now, it’s a fun joke because I never think I’m wrong ;)

So what is this blog now? It’s a place for me to talk about books, library work, music, culture, Pittsburgh, and maybe even my personal life from time to time. I write reviews, discuss information literacy and personal privacy, examine society and culture, recommend books to folks, and more!

As a kid I always wrote stories and put on plays with my siblings. When I got a bit older I started writing scripts and making little movies with my friends. I have my creative parents to thank for my active imagination, love of stories, and desire to create. When I said I wanted to go to school for film, they let me. Working in media turned out to not be for me, but libraries were standing by with their *cue Creed* arms wide open.

On this blog I have had two regular columns (for lack of a better word), one featuring the films of Alfred Hitchcock and another called The Shameful Book Club, where I read novels I’ve lied about reading my whole life in order to look smarter. I’ve slowed down on contributing to both, but every now and then the mood strikes.

So welcome to my blog. I hope you get good use out of it!

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