About This Blog

Welcome to the personal blog of a Pittsburgh-based writer, researcher, and librarian with a bottle of tequila tucked under one arm and a good book under the other.

This blog has been so many things over many years, and since I seem to have a hard time sticking to a focus I’m just going to throw the idea of a focus out the door. I will talk about anything and everything here, including but not limited to: library work, writing, ballet, knitting, embroidery, running, Pittsburgh, the Finger Lakes, wine, cooking, film, television, and music. Literally all of the things.

As a kid I always wrote stories and put on plays with my siblings. When I got a bit older I started writing scripts and making little movies with my friends. I have my creative parents to thank for my active imagination and desire to create. When I said I wanted to go to school for film, they let me.

Film school fed my passion for film and embedded a love of screenwriting in my heart that I still have. I also got into journalism and entertainment criticism in a big way in college, and most of my published work is in these fields. I have written for the Ithaca Times, Famous Monsters of Filmland, Lifetime.com, and Next Projection. I also enjoy writing guest articles for friends’ blogs when I can. I have an old blog, called Pillow Talk TV, where I used to discuss new TV shows and covered events like New York Comic Con. I no longer update it, but I do keep tabs on it.

On this blog I have two regular themed posts, one featuring the films of Alfred Hitchcock and another called The Shameful Book Club where I read novels I’ve lied about reading my whole life in order to look smarter. Your participation is fully encouraged. I also like to discuss my thoughts on writing, story, character, and the industry when I feel like it. You should also expect regular thoughts on libraries, librarians, and information science. Politics may rear its ugly head as well.

So if any of those topics interest you, or if you’re a friend or family member who wants to keep tabs/stalk me, here you go…

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