Library Work: Helping Teens with Resumes

13903379490_e08650368b_bI’ve been slacking on my library posts. Last fall I submitted my last blog post to the Youth Services Division of PaLA. It discussed my particular approach to helping teens write resumes. I really loved doing that work when I was in my public library. Now that I’m in an academic library, they don’t really have much need for a librarian to do that. In fact, we have a totally separate career center in the basement of the library that is completely devoted to that work! Anyway, below is my blog post for those of you who work with teens and find yourself in a position to help them write their very first resume. This might be good for anyone to review who knows a teen planning to go job hunting this summer.

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Gillian Flynn’s AMA

gillian-flynnI had another blog post planned for today about being a part-time creative, but that will have to wait until next week, because the most glorious thing ever happened today: Gillian Flynn gave an AMA. You know I’m in love with Gillian Flynn and every word that springs from her brain to her fingertips to her page. If you know me at all, you know this. The brilliance of Gone Girl was the final push of inspiration I needed to finally get back to novel writing, and I will never forget that. I admire her use of painfully flawed female characters, her love for utterly unlikable people, her twisty (and twisted) plots, and her understanding of the value of entertainment. Flynn is a master of psychological thrillers and has found ways to explore fucked up shit in a way that feels new and profoundly personal. I tend to compare her debut novel, Sharp Objects, to everything I analyze or talk about. The woman bewitches me!

With the impending Gone Girl film coming out this October (directed by David Fincher and written by Flynn herself), she was smartly scheduled for an AMA on Reddit today. Some of the stuff she said was so great and so true that I decided to share my favorite bits on my blog here. The most important thing we learned from Flynn’s AMA is that the 3rd act of the film is NOT as drastically changed from the book as everyone has been saying. She states that, “those reports have been greatly exaggerated!” She also gives excellent writing tips and encouragement, along with some great words about the differences between writing scripts and novels (all very relevant to my life). Also, learn more after the jump about upcoming movie adaptations, books she digs, AND what she has slated for her next writing projects! It was a great AMA!

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Pinterest and Writing

pinterest-pinboard-600I had a crazy idea today, and I’m hoping I struck genius gold. I’m not sure how genius gold differs from real gold or just plain genius…I don’t know, I’m recovering from an illness so my mind isn’t quite right. Just go with it.

Maybe I’m not the first to come up with this particular idea, but I’ll certainly take credit for it! It’s very common for writers to create playlists to help us get in the right head-space to work on a particular project. I love the process of creating specific playlists. It’s another way for me to learn more about my setting and characters. Which song most accurately depicts the ora of this town? What song would she listen to after her heart’s been broken? What song would be laid behind this scene in a movie? Making the playlist that guides me through each story is almost better than writing the story itself. But what about those of us who are also greatly affected by visuals? Shouldn’t we have a sort of visual playlist to get us in the mood as well?

Enter Pinterest! I just started using Pinterest a few months ago. I boycotted it for a long time because I thought only desperate housewives and boring girls who only thought about weddings all day used it. But then I realized how helpful it is for storing ideas and discovering fun recipes! It also caters to my OCD organizational habits quite nicely. I have a board for my dream house, a board for recipes, a board for desserts, and board for style, a board for books, a board for films, but NOT a board for weddings! I refuse. But I’ll admit it’s hard to resist. Those pins are just so damn pretty!

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