Pillow Talk

I once had a blog devoted to talking about television and film. I wrote about what I liked, what I didn’t like, the business, actors, screenwriting, whatever. A while back I decided to stop writing reviews for film and TV to help me focus on my own creative endeavors, but I still like to discuss them.

To that end, I have continued to talk about my favorite media on this blog. I decided to take Pillow Talk, my old blog, and turn it into a section of this one. Anything pertaining to TV or film will be categorized here, so if you’re interested in skipping all the other garbage I write about you can just check out Pillow Talk.

I’m also planning on back logging old posts from that blog on to this one. This is my sad attempt at organization and consolidation. My apologies in advance.

Pillow Talk TV…where a remote is better than a vibrator… (sweet catchphrase, right?)

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