Library School: Sucked Down the Hole

books-20167_640It’s only been two weeks since my graduate program started at the University of Pittsburgh, but I already feel completely immersed and totally sucked in. That is the nature of fast-paced graduate programs, and mine is only a year so we really are moving at warp speed. Since I’m incredibly busy and don’t have quite as much time to devote to writing or watching Hitchcock films or reading books for the Shameful Book Club (still trying though), I really want to try to at least write about my LIS experience.

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Time To Be a Librarian

As I mentioned in my last Shameful Book Club post, I will be starting the incredible MLIS program at the University of Pittsburgh next month, and I can’t wait. No really, I can’t wait. I already bought my text books and amĀ getting a head start on the readingĀ (yes, I’m a Rory Gilmore). I thought I would write a post about all of this because people have been asking and it’s going to cause a change in my blog, so might as well explain that!

PiTT-SM-1431459890572-18ec7b2ee897579a0647b45cbc48dc5da268f9fb-256wI’m pretty sure my taking this path makes sense to most people who know me. My mother is a librarian, I grew up in the stacks, I love books, and my professional skill set is very skewed toward program management and public interaction. Therefore, a librarianship doesn’t seem so out of place for me. There are multiple paths I could take as a library professional that would compliment my experience, interests, and skills: film archival to get that undergrad degree in play, music librarian because that is a bit of an obsession of mine, academic librarian because I love higher education and researching obscure topics, museum work for much of the same reasons, or public librarianship, which is what I’ve decided to focus on.


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