Top 9 Rage Dances… pt 1

The Rage Dance. While many wouldn’t like to admit it, these moments can be some of the most badass and emotional of all cinema. It’s the dance-centric flick’s version of the shootout, or the moment in romantic comedies where the hero realizes they need the girl back. Generally, the Rage Dance occurs during the Goddess moment, when moment in the film shifts. This isn’t always the case, but the best rage dances that carry the most weight usually occur at the end of act one or act two…natural turning points in a script.

There can be a lot of gray area in defining a proper rage dance, so let me break it down for you. A Rage Dance needs to occur after an emotionally stressful incident happens to our hero in a dance-centric film. Our hero then needs to work out her/his issues through her chosen art form. It also needs to break new ground in her dancing skills, annihilating  whatever fear and hesitation was inevitably holding her back. It kills many birds with one stone, and is heavy on the metaphor (as dance usually is).

My sister and I have danced on and off throughout our lives, and we have a profound love for dance films. We’ve seen most of them, and usually enjoy them way too much, no matter how awful they are. I decided to honor our love by listing my top Rage Dances. I drew from my vast knowledge of these films, and tried to brush up on the ones I was less familiar with, but it’s hard to see everything out there. If you know of a good rage dance that I’ve missed, please tell me in the comments. And now…my top Rage Dances in a Motion Picture:

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