New York Comic Con!

nycc-logo-2013-hiThis past weekend we ventured down to the city to attend NYCC for the second time. Last year was our first time at Comic Con. Actually, it was the first time we’d attended a conference of that magnitude ever. Needless to say, lessons were learned, and this year we were prepared!

Armed with proper footwear, layered clothing, and our own bottled water, Mark and I drove into Brooklyn on Thursday to crash with my sister who recently moved into a great apartment in Bushwick. The next morning was game time.

Right off the bat we noticed that the crowd on Friday was much larger than last year. Previously, we had no issue lazily walking along moderately crowded hallways and slipping into panels at the last minute. We saw the harsh light of reality when we arrive for the Geek and Sundry panel featuring Felicia Day 15 minutes early, only to have staff inform us the room was at capacity. We instantly changed our game plan and resigned ourselves to hours of waiting for panels and tough sacrifices. It was sad to have to miss out on the Teen Wolf panel, but worth it for the amazing panels on Mob City and Pete Holmes panelsΒ that I got to see instead.

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August Obsessions: Podcasts, Live Music, and More!

August was busy for me, so developing obsessions took a back seat. But it was still a full month of exciting things!

2013-08-04_20-13-51_9341) Live Music: Love it. As a teen I went to as many concerts as I could get my parents to drive me to. It was difficult for us, because any worth-while venue was at least an hour away. In college I was lucky enough to live in a college town that had great local music and bars that loved to showcase it. We also have an abnormal amount of festivals in Ithaca which of course features an enormous amount of live music. And let’s not forget Grassroots. When I moved to Scranton I was shocked at the size of the local music scene. It was vibrant and exciting! Everywhere we went there was a band playing, and 90% of my friends and my boyfriend were musicians. It was amazing! And then I moved to Binghamton, and a sharp silence suddenly cut into our lives. There is no music scene here. It’s appalling and especially frustrating for my boyfriend whose passion is playing music. We’ve gone a year without seeing proper live music, but this August we had a great burst of shows.

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